How to find a UK cruise that includes falconry displays on the deck?

In the world of modern travel, opportunities to have unique experiences are becoming increasingly abundant. One such experience garnering interest amongst travellers worldwide is the possibility to witness the ancient art of falconry onboard a cruise ship. Imagine the magic of observing these awe-inspiring birds of prey in full flight, against a backdrop of the Scottish coastline. This article will guide you on how to find a UK cruise that includes these compelling falconry displays on deck. So, let's set sail and navigate the options available.

A Day on an Azamara Cruise

Embarking on an Azamara cruise is akin to entering a world of luxury and adventure. Azamara journeys offer a diverse range of experiences to their guests, combining the comfort of a boutique hotel with the thrill of a sea voyage. Amongst the unique offerings, these cruises proudly present falconry displays on the deck — a spectacle of nature that you are unlikely to forget.

When you choose Azamara, your day will typically start with a sumptuous breakfast served onboard, often with the breath-taking views of the Scottish coastline accompanying your meal. Soon after, you might find yourself drawn to the deck by the mysterious aura of the falconer readying his majestic birds for the day's display. The falconry display is an awe-inspiring spectacle, with the royal birds soaring into the sky, their sharp eyes scanning the sea, and then swooping down with remarkable precision.

Exploring Scotland’s Castles and Museums

The Azamara adventure does not limit itself to sea alone. Scotland, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, makes for an ideal cruising destination. The cruise itinerary often includes visits to some of the most iconic Scottish castles. The grandeur of these castles, many of which are set on cliff edges, offer unique insights into Scotland's royal past.

Another highlight of the cruise is the chance to visit Scotland's museums. These treasure troves capture the country’s remarkable history. From ancient artefacts to modern art, Scottish museums offer a fascinating journey through time. Your day of exploration will often conclude with a delightful dinner onboard, a perfect opportunity to share the day's adventures with fellow guests.

Onboard Amenities and Luxury

The Azamara experience is enriched by the onboard amenities. From gourmet dining to well-appointed staterooms, every detail is designed to ensure the utmost comfort for guests. The staterooms are akin to a luxury hotel room, with plush bedding, an en-suite bathroom, and exceptional room service.

For those who like to stay active, Azamara cruises offer state-of-art fitness centres. After a rigorous workout, unwind with a spa session or enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool. For golf enthusiasts, indulge in a chance to practice your swing at the onboard golfing range.

Experiencing the Scottish Royal Dinner

A key highlight of the Azamara journey is the Scottish Royal Dinner. This is a unique dining experience guaranteed to transport you back in time. The menu is inspired by the traditional Scottish royal cuisine, with an impressive selection of regional delicacies. The dinner is often accompanied by a traditional Scottish music and dance performance, a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Booking Your Azamara Cruise

By now, the idea of sailing on an Azamara cruise, witnessing a falconry display while exploring the beauty of Scotland, must be enticing. So, what's the next step? Azamara cruises can be booked directly through their website, which offers comprehensive information about itineraries, prices, and deck plans. Alternatively, travel agents who specialise in cruises can facilitate the booking process.

Remember to check for the specific falconry display dates to ensure you do not miss out on this unique opportunity. Given the popularity of this spectacle, it would be wise to book well in advance.

With luxurious accommodations, exceptional amenities, and unique experiences like falconry and visits to historic Scottish castles and museums, an Azamara cruise is undoubtedly an unforgettable journey. So, embrace the sea, witness the majesty of falcons in flight, and let Scotland's enchanting beauty cast its spell on you.

Tee Off on the Open Seas: The Golf Package

On the Azamara Quest, golf enthusiasts are truly in for a treat. The ship comes kitted out with a golfing range on deck, making it possible for cruise guests to practice their swing while soaking up the stunning views of the British Isles. Clubs in hand, gazing out to sea, you might even feel inspired enough to score that elusive hole-in-one.

But the golfing experience on an Azamara cruise doesn't stop there. As part of the itinerary, the ship docks at some famous golfing hotspots where shore excursions to world-renowned golf clubs like Royal Dornoch and Royal Portrush are arranged. Golf packages also typically include the opportunity for you to play on the Scottish links, known for their challenging courses and stunning sea views.

After a fulfilling day on the golf course, guests return to the ship for a well-deserved meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – all are served with the same fine dining experience. You can enjoy a hearty meal while discussing the day’s game with your fellow golf enthusiasts.

Journey through the Scottish Highlands and the Caledonian Canal

Another distinct highlight of the Azamara Quest is the journey through the Scottish Highlands and the Caledonian Canal. This canal is Scotland's greatest feat of engineering, where you traverse through a series of locks, including the impressive Fort Augustus. The area is also home to the famous Loch Ness, where you can try your luck at spotting the elusive Loch Ness Monster!

These excursions often extend overnight, with guests staying on the Scottish Highlander, a luxury barge that allows you to experience the Highlands up close. The spirit of Scotland is palpable here, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural history.

As part of the overnight excursions, meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – are taken care of, with the dinner onboard often featuring local Scottish cuisine. It's a splendid way to immerse yourself in the local culture, savouring traditional dishes while the fading light of the Scottish evening casts a soothing glow on the Caledonian Canal.


There's no doubt that an Azamara cruise offers a unique array of experiences to its guests. From witnessing the ancient art of falconry on deck to exploring Scotland’s rich history and playing golf on famous Scottish links, every day is packed with adventure and luxury.

As you book your cruise, remember to explore the various options and packages available. Look out for specific dates for the falconry displays, golf packages, and overnight excursions. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-time adventurer, the Azamara Quest promises a journey filled with exquisite meals, breathtaking shore excursions, and unforgettable experiences. So set sail and let the magic of Scotland captivate you.

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