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 Phan Thiet
The Sand Dunes in Phan Thiet Phan thiet destination Phan Thiet beaches Mui Ne beachs

Phan Thiet Overview:
Lie right in the line of the National highway 1A, Phan Thiet is located around 200km to the North of Ho Chi Minh City, belong to Binh Thuan Province. The main source of economy of this city is fishing. There is a port right in the heart of Phan Thiet on Ca Ty River which is always busy with many fishing boats night or day.
Its topography stretched along the coast that created a long and beautiful beach that called Mui Ne.
Mui Ne was named for a ward in Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province. It is located 22km far to the Northeast of Phan Thiet City. Due to the increasing of tourists, a new road was built that made more convenient for people to go to Mui Ne.
Mui Ne itself attracted local and worldwide tourists because of its natural beach, the beautiful scenes, the stable climate and because it is not too far from Ho Chi Minh City.
“Mui” means a cape, “Ne” means hidden. According to a story of local people, Mui Ne is a shelter for fishing boats came to hide from storms in stormy season.
Mui Ne also be known as there are many sand dunes on the way to Hon Rom. The yellow color of the sand dunes mixed with the blue color of the sea and the fresh air that attracted a lot of tourists to come here.
There are hundreds of guesthouses, hotels and Resorts from 1 to 5* in Mui Ne. Along with the increase of tourists, many restaurants was set up as well as some activities as windsurfing, Kitesurfing , Golf course...

 Tourist Attractions in Phan Thiet

Fishing Industry
Fishing Industry

The major industry in Phan Thiet is fishing. With 57,4 km long coast that promised a huge potential resource from the sea. According to local statistics, some 100 different varieties of fishes are caught here with an annual yield of over 70,000 tons. Besides, local people also interested with the aquaculture that brings around 600-700tons of shrimps, squids and others. Phan Thiet has around 140ha of surface which used for raising shrimps.

Phan Thiet Fish-sauce
Phan Thiet Fish-sauce

The availability of the huge resource of fish that made Phan Thiet became one of the well-known places in producing fish- sauce. This fish sauce is available all over Viet Nam with annual production of nearly 17 million liters.
The Phan Thiet fish sauce was with those people since long time ago. On the time Phan Thiet was named As Tong Duc Thang ( 1809) and their market was in the Northern. Till the beginning of 20th century, Phan Thiet fish sauce was covered the Center and South Market.

Ocean Dunes Golf Club
Ocean Dunes Golf Club

Ocean Dunes Golf Club is in the seaside Town of Phan Thiet, a short drive from the popular beach resorts Town Mui Ne . It is accessible both by car and train.
This Golf Course has 18 holes, started by a beautiful but tough opening hole and ended on the top of a dune.
This Golf Course is in conjunction with the 4* Novotel Hotel in Phan Thiet so that offers a number of stay and play packages.

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