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 Hoi An
Hoi An destination Hoi An - Vietnam rowing in Hoi An bay Hoi An market

Hoi An Overview:
Hoi An or Faifo is a ancient city which belong to Quang Nam Province. The East is the South China Sea, the West is Dien Ban and Duy Xuyen Provinces, the North is Dien Ban Province and the South is Duy Xuyen.
Situated around 30km from Da Nang, surrounding by Thu Bon downstream, Hoi An is well - known as an ancient city with its ancient houses, Pagodas , Temples . In the 18th century, Hoi An was considered as the commercial town by Chinese and Japanese merchants and that was the best destination for trading in all Southeast Asia. It seems Hoi An still remain untouched almost of the old constructions which were built more than 200 years ago that the government decided to restore the relics and lead that become one the most tourist attractive site.
Hoi An people have various traditional occupations as carpenter, ceramic , herbs, lanterns which existed and developed along with its history. Those are for their living demand and also made the prosperous and busy business for Hoi An port from the 17th century to the beginning of 19th century.
Many tradition occupation villages surrounded the ancient center of Hoi An ( Pho Co Hoi An) as Kim Bong Carpenter village, Tra Que – Vegetable village …in the other side of Thu Bon River.

 Tourist Attractions in Hoi An

Pho Co Hoi An
Pho Co Hoi An

Pho Co quarter situated in Minh An Ward with the surface around 2km2 with many small short and narrow roads those look like a chess board. Most of the main attraction sites are inside this area such as the Japanese Bridge; the old houses are Phung Hung, Duc An , Diep Dong Nguyen..; assembly halls of Trieu Chau, Phuc Kien ( Chinese people) …
No vehicle noise in this area. Successfully started on 24 July 2004, this program is being continued on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday weekly.
On these days, everyone, especially tourists could enjoy walking on the quiet streets or visit the Hoian ancient town without any trouble caused by vehicle noise from motorbikes. Instead, the smooth music from the ancient tile roofs of the town would make you relaxed and your trip more enjoyable.


Lantern is one of a special feature of Hoi An. On the middle of every Lunar month, people in Hoi An will turn off all the electric lights in this ancient town and replaces by thousands of colorful lanterns. The color lights from lanterns are sparkling from the main streets to the small alleys.
Under the skill of Hoi An Artists, the lanterns have various shapes. In festivals, lanterns are the most beautiful decoration.
Tourist can try to make a lantern themselves at some lantern workshops in Pho Co Hoi An or at a village.
At the full moon day, at night, Hoi An looks like a great stage, fanciful and brilliant with colorful lanterns. Hoi An people wearing ancient clothes become actors in reciting poems, playing mah-jong and chess together. These activities relive the beautiful atmosphere of an ancient port with rural pleasures in traditional festivals.
From 6.00 PM till midnight, the whole ancient town are quite, and no vehicles. Both travelers and regional people, Vietnamese and foreigners go for a walk together in the cosy atmosphere with unforgettable memories.

Merchant Houses
Merchant Houses

Many of the old merchant houses are lived in by the locals, but fortunately are beautifully preserved. They can be typically described as having a narrow and lofty interior with a barrel vault ceiling. The street entrance has a shop front where the merchant used to display his goods. This is still used for his purpose n modern Hoi An with its numerous galleries and antique shops.
Some of popular merchant houses are Phung Hung, Tan Ky, Diep Dong Nguyen…
Phung Hung old house was built more than 100 years ago and possessed a unique architecture. It has a high wooden ceiling and large corridors. Phung Hung house have not carved at all by the owner on purpose. On the 29th of June 1993, the house was listed as a national historical vestige.
Many local and international searchers and travelers think about Diep Dong Nguyen old house as a treasure because there are many antique things are displayed in that house. It opens for everyone without security guard but nothing have been lost.

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