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 Chau Doc
The Lady Temple Float market in Chau Doc Cham Muslim wedding in Chau Doc Victoria chau doc hotel

Chau Doc Overview:
Châu Đốc is a district and also is a town in An Giang Province, bordering Cambodia, in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The district covers an area of 100 km2.
The town is located by the Hâu River (a branch of the Mekong River flowing through Vietnamese territory) and Vinh Te canal. Châu Đốc is situated 250 km to the west of Hồ Chí Minh City.
The population density is concentrated along Hau River and the center of the Town. There are Kinh, Cham, Chinese and Khmer groups. Kinh people, the most crowded, and Chinese people are at the center. The Cham concentrates along the Hau River. The Khmer is at the border of Chau Doc and Cambodia.
Chau Doc Town is the center of culture of An Giang Province as well as the Mekong Delta. There are many relics were ranked in national culture list, one of them is The Lady Temple which attracts thousands of people to come and pray every year.
From Chau Doc, tourist can go to Phnom Penh by boat on Mekong River or by land via Tinh Bien border.

 Tourist Attractions in Chau Doc

The Lady Temple ( Mieu Ba Chua Xu)
The Lady Temple ( Mieu Ba Chua Xu)

The Lady Temple is an important relic of An Giang Province. There was a legend about this lady and most of Vietnamese people believe that she has a great powerful that lured thousands of people came and prayed every year.
According to a story, around 200 years ago, the Lady ‘s statue was found by local people and was carried down by 9 virgin girls from the top of Sam Mountain to the current place.
There are many legends about the source of that statue but it still in secret.

Tay An Pagoda
Tay An Pagoda

Tay An or Nui Sam Pagoda or “Tay An Co Tu” is a located right in the bottom of Sam Mountain, Vinh Te Commune, Chau Doc Strict, An Giang Province, 5km from Chau Doc Town. Its architecture was the combination between India and Muslim and the old Vietnamese Pagoda style. The materials were bricks, tiles, cements…There are many statues of Buddha which were carved very fine that featured for the carving art of Viet Nam in the 19thcentury.
This pagoda was named on national relics list.

Sam Mountain
Sam Mountain

Sam Mountain also called as “ Vinh Te Son” or “ Ngoc Lanh Son” with the height is around 284m above sea level. There was a time, Sam Mountain was covered by the flamboyance flowers in summer time that created a wonderful scene with the red color in all over the Sam Mountain.
From the top of the mountain, people can observe the large area of the border from Chau Doc Town to Tinh Bien, there was a bastion of the Southern Army up there.

Vinh Te Canal
Vinh Te Canal

Vinh Te Canal is a famous canal in which is located between An Giang and Kien Giang Province in the Mekong Delta.
In 1816, under Gia Long King Dynasty, the King and his imperial recognized that Ha Tien and Chau Doc would be developed if they were connected. However, this area just was exploited and people were very poor that Gia Long King was delayed this project and started in 1819.
Vinh Te canal was completed in 1824 with 91km long, 25m wide and 3m depth. Around 80,000 persons were working for this project , a big part of them were Khmer people. Many people died because of the diseases, exhaustion and the wild animals.

Floating fishing village
Floating fishing village

One of the special features of Chau Doc is the floating fishing villages. People take advantage of the river to raise many kinds of fishes specially the cat fish that exported to some countries as Taiwan, China and even to America. Raising fishes on the water is very popular nowadays in Viet Nam. Chau Doc also well known about what Vietnamese called “ Mam” that made from fishes.

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