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Pleiku Overview:
Pleiku is the City of Gia Lai Province in the highlands of Viet Nam.
It situated on the line of National highway 14 and 19 that connected the North and South of Viet Nam and at the 300-500m above the sea level. The three big cities of the highlands, which are very popular, are Buon Ma Thuot, Pleiku and Kontum, from South to North.
According to the statistic, there is 28 Ethnic groups in Pleiku and Kinh group occupied 87,5%. The rest is others and most of them is Gia Rai and Banah.
Pleiku is relevant for growing industrial trees such as rubber tree, coffee trees, pepper trees. Different with Buon Ma Thuot and Kontum, Pleiku’s climate is cool year around.
During Vietnamese and American War, Pleiku used to be a base of the Southern Army. There were Nowadays, along with Buon Ma Thuot and Kontum, Pleiku are growing fast in the last 5 years.
Tourist can reach Pleiku by roads or by Air.

 Tourist Attractions in Pleiku

T’Nung Lake
T’Nung Lake

T’Nung Lake supplies the freshwater for the whole Pleiku City. It is around 10km from the center to the West. According to the scientists, T’Nung Lake used to be the gate of a volcano which was stopped working million years ago. The lake is around 230hectares with the ellipse shape and around 20-30 meter depth. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tay Nguyen. It even had waves if strong wind that why it also named as Bien Ho ( Sea Lake). The word “ T’Nung” is local Ethnic language, that meant” the sea on the mountain.”

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