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 Hai Phong
rowing in Cat Ba National Park Trekking in Ca Ba National Park Cat Ba Town Cat Ba Fish Farms

Hai Phong Overview:
Haiphong is the third largest city in Viet Nam and was one of the principal Ports and Trade Centers of Viet Nam. It is around 102km from Ha Noi to the East. It borders Quang Ninh to the North, Hai Duong Province to the West, and Thai Binh Province to the South.
Hai phong has many temples, pagodas, mausoleums and shrines such as ancient Du Hang Pagoda, Nghe Temple, Hang Kenh Communal House... Haiphong is on tourism route: Hanoi - Haiphong - Halong Bay. Do Son Beach, located 20km from Haiphong, is a sand strip for bathing. However, during the monsoon season, the Red River's alluvial sands cause the water to turn yellow. From Do Son, tourist can visit Cat Ba National Park, and continue to Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay (Quang Ninh Province).
Hai phong is served by an important transportation network of sea routes, roads, railways, and airlines.
It is very easy to reach Hai Phong by lands, roads, railways and Airlines.
The most special attractive site for tourist is Cat Ba Island. There are ferries from Hai phong to Cat Ba Island several times a day. The hydrofoil boats run between Haiphong - Cat Ba and Hai phong - Hon Gai. The high-speed air-condition Thong Nhat Boat leave daily from Hai phong to Cat Ba.

 Tourist Attractions in Hai Phong

Do Son beach
Do Son beach

Being is one of the well-known beaches in the north of Vietnam, Do Son is a small peninsular formed by the stretch of Rong Mountain to the sea. Ranges of mountains and hills with forests of pine trees cover this lovely beach. In addition to that natural beauty, the human-made infrastructure here is admirable with restaurants, hotels, houses, roads and water supply as well as a perfect electricity supplying system. The zigzag roads along the mountains, and pine forests make the beach a rare beauty in the tropical region.
There are 4 *&5* Resorts at Do Son Beach and a Casino for foreigners to enjoy their stay.

Du Hang Pagoda
Du Hang Pagoda

Du Hang Pagoda is concerned as a relic of Hai Phong City. That is an ancient Pagoda which was built under the Ly Dynasty and was renovated in the 17th century and rebuilt and built more objects in 19th century.
Inside the pagoda are several statues, valuable relics such as bronze tripods and gongs, are also kept in the pagoda.

Hang Kenh Communal House
Hang Kenh Communal House

Hang Kenh Communal House, also referred to as Nhan Tho Communal House in Sino-Vietnamese. Built in 1717, Hang Kenh Communal House was later expanded in 1905. The main front hall, also called "dai dinh", connects to the back part through a tiled roof bridge.
There are lots of valuable items in the communal house, of which there are 156 pieces with a dragon as the main theme. Altogether, there are 308 dragons of different shapes and sizes.
Every year from the 16th to 18th of the second lunar month, ritual ceremonies, festivals, traditional games and performances of "cheo", "tuong" and other folk songs are held at the communal house, attracting large crowds.

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