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 Buon Ma Thuot
Buon Ma Thuot destination Festival in Buon Ma Thuot - Vietnam Festival Elephan in Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival in Buon Me Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot Overview:
Buon Ma Thuot ( or Ban Me Thuot) is the City of Daklak Province. Its population is approximately 300,000. The city is the largest in Vietnam's Central Highlands region and is famous as the regional "capital of coffee". In 1904 Dak Lak Province was established by the French and Buon Ma Thuot was selected as the provincial administrative centre, rather than the trading center of Don on the Srepok River. Buon Ma Thuot was originally placed by the Ê Đê people. The name Buon Ma Thuot was from Ê Đê language, it means “ the village of Thuot’s father”.
Buon Ma Thuot is at 536 meters height above the sea level, around 350km to the Northwest and 1410km to Ha Noi.
Its main economy is agriculture, specially the coffee.

 Tourist Attractions in Buon Ma Thuot

York Don National Park
York Don National Park

Yok Don National Park (Vietnamese: Vườn quốc gia Yok Don) is a national park located in Buôn Đôn District, Dak Lak Province, Tây Nguyên of Vietnam, 40 km west of Buôn Ma Thuột city. The park was established in 1991 to protect 582 km2 of a biological area of khộp lowland forest. The total area is 1,155.45 km 2 (not including a buffer zone of 1,138.9 km2). It borders Mondulkiri Protected Forest (Cambodia) to the west and is part of maybe the largest protected area complex in Southeast Asia.

Dray Sap Waterfall
Dray Sap Waterfall

Dray Sap Waterfall is on Serepok River, is located at Nam Ha Commune, Krong No District, Dak Nong Province, 30km to South of Buon Ma Thuot. This is a most interesting waterfall in the highlands.
Situated in a primary forest, the waterfall is surrounding by many years old and valuable trees. The water from height flowing down to a valley that created a huge of tiny droplets that looked like a foggy or smoke so it also named as “ Suong Khoi”. This waterfall attracted tourists by its nature and wonderful views. Human was not interfered much in this area.
Unfortunately, the source of water was blocked to serve for a project of hydropower station! The waterfall has less water than previously even in the rainy season.

Dray Nur Waterfall
Dray Nur Waterfall

Along with Dray Sap, Dray Nur and Gia Long are two other waterfalls on Sepepok River and located next together. Both of Dray Sap and Dray Nur possessed their beautiful and majestic view but Dray Nur was less well known than Dray Sap as people misunderstood that Dray Nur is a small part of Dray Sap.
Nowadays, Dray Nur was exploited by Trung Nguyen Coffee Company, the biggest coffee company in the highlands. From the entrance, step down along the snake road with the beautiful views, the waterfall opens in your eyes with its natural beauties.
There is an interesting trekking route from Dray Nur to Dray Sap or vice versa.

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