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From Norhisham Mohamad Nordin (Malaysia)

" Dear Toan

In here, we would like to convey our many thank you for the wonderful time we had in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam. You have served as a very dedicated and knowledgeable tour guide during our stay in Saigon from 31 August up to 03 September 2011.

Let me reiterate the good times we had staring from the first day, we went to the Presidential Palace, War Memorial Museum, Historic Central Post Office. We learnt a lot about Vietnamese culture from the eye of the local people.

The following was a trip to Mekong Delta river was fantastic. We loved so much the boat trip as well as the many walks throughout the biggest island in Mekong River looking at the honey farm, had a warm honey tea, coconut candy factory and not to forget the snake handling and trip with small 'sampan' cruising along small river in the island. In a hot day, to quench our thirst, we had a fresh coconut drink in a trip back to the jetty. It was really wonderful experience!

On the third day, we were brought to the Chu Chi Tunnel, an underground tunnel during the Vietnam War, which were about an hour drive from Saigon. It was very interesting t learnt all the things on how Vietcong army eluded the US army (That right! They escape through the tunnel), as well as the numerous trap doors and also rice paper making and tasted the actual food they eat in the tunnel – boiled tapioca with sugary peanut! We also had a chance to try it out ourselves walking inside the tunnel – very scary, yet it was so much fun.

Every evening once we got back to Saigon from our trip, Toan had bring us for shopping. Yes! Vietnam, is well known for its cheap products, especially textiles but you need to bargain a lot to got a good price. I learnt a tip or two on how to be a good. Thanks, Toan!

The food is so fantastic and it is very delicious. Being a Muslim, we were very concerned with what we eat, but Toan managed to get us all the halal restaurant in Saigon. Some of the restaurant that we had our food is Halal Saigon, VN Halal, and surprisingly inside Parkson (Retail stores) there are Pakistan-Indian Halal and an Indonesian halal food outlet all within its food court. The food is so yummy! Check out to some of the picture that we took. Not to forget, you should try the Vietnamese coffee – Trung Nguyen, it is fantastico!

The 4 days, 3 night trips was a pleasant and exciting journey. My family loved it so much and I hope you can share our story with other people so that other people can appreciate Vietnam as what we had experienced it.

I hope you all the best, we hope to make the same trip again next year!

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Norhisham Mohamad Nordin
Perak, Malaysia

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